While on vacation, a case of travelers’ diarrhea can ruin a trip.  Why not be prepared with a treatment should this occur?  Jet lag can take days of your vacation to overcome.  Why not have treatment available to enjoy your entire vacation? If your travel plans include countries with endemic diseases Doc can prescribe appropriate treatment as recommended by the Center for Disease Control to protect you.

When you develop signs and symptoms of the flu the treatment should begin as soon as possible. The faster flu medications can be started with the onset of the flu, the more effective they can be. Doc wants patients to be prepared to start treatment as soon as symptoms begin to reduce the severity and duration of the flu. Doc will prescribe flu medications for you.


With our busy lifestyles, it is not uncommon to forget to refill a medication.  What happens when you run out?  Often times getting in to see your primary care provider may take weeks.  People often turn to urgent care or emergency rooms to get refills. Doc will refill medications for treating a variety of conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, thyroid disorders, and more. Doc will save you time and money.

Bariatric patients are at a higher risk for vitamin deficiency and malnutrition.  Doc can provide lab evaluations and recommendations for vitamin supplements based upon lab results.  Doc recommends monitoring labs and correcting deficiencies early before problems arise.


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